Welcome to Chang Thai Restaurant

The Only Authentic Thai Restaurant in Malta

True Taste of Thai Cuisine

At Chang Thai Restaurant we are proud to serve only authentic Thai dishes in authentic Thai surroundings. 

Our goal is to take our clients on an unforgettable journey of Thai flavours and show the beauty of Thai culture and tradition. We give importance to the smallest details, including our interior which is fully made of items brought from Thailand.

Nowhere else in Malta can you have such full Thai experience!


To fully explore this beautiful journey of flavours, we put the highest level of attention into everything our kitchen prepares. 

Every position featured on our menu is an authentic Thai dish, prepared by the professional Thai chef. Combining traditional meals from all four regions of Thailand we provide our customers with authentic experience of dining in Asia they won’t be able to find elsewhere in Malta.

Our Menu

We offer vast variety of dishes for all kinds of tastes. In our menu you can find many choices of traditional seafood, fish and meat dishes including chicken, duck and pork, to name a few. 

We also serve a wide selection of vegetarian choices and meals for children. 

Pick whatever you like from our menu or choose one of the set menus, specially designed to explore all the rich flavours Thailand has to offer

See Our Menu


  • 01. Klang Kaew Wan Thai Green Curry

    A famous hot Thai green curry loaded with coconut milk, sweet basil, kaffir leaf and aubergines.

  • 02. Klang Massaman Massaman Curry

    With star anise, cinammon, coconut milk, onions, potatoes and cashew nuts.

  • 03. Klang Ka Ree Yellow Curry

    A blend of spices, coconut milk, onions, potatoes and pinapple.

  • 04. Klang Dang Thai Red Curry

    With coconut milk, kaffir leaf, aubergine, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes & fruit


Book one of our private dining rooms! Up to 10 people per room


Say ‘Goodbye’ To Tasteless Vegetarian Dishes!

One of the cons of vegetarian diet and dishes is often a complaint that they are just tastelest, missing intensive and recognisable flavours. In Thai cuisine however, there is no option for that.

Rich in various spices and herbs, Thai food is a great choice for anyone who wants to take a break from meat without compromising the taste. At Chang Thai we offer a vast selection for vegetarian dishes, however, we understand our clients don’t always have time to visit us. Hence, we prepared special vegetarian recipes you can enjoy at your own kitchen at home.